Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Ok so its been a really super long time! Nearly a year. How can this be??? Life I guess just gets in the way of everything. Our computer crashed and we were out for months. Then Georgia started Kindergarten and the rest well is history.

We have learned of a few things, Georgia is autistic. Kind of knew that, but kind of didn't.

Kindergarten takes a lot of my time with volunteering.

but I have been knitting. Still learning. Right now I am doing a few custom orders for a mom at Georgia's school. Its my lovely Candy cane scarf. Its made from the softest yarn. Its Joann's Angel hair yarn. Its lushes.

I have been making some hats as well. I busted out my sewing machine too. We were missing a stocking so Georgia wanted me to make her one. I did. She picked out her fabric, and the style and off to the hum of the machine I went.

I better get back to my Candy cane.. scarf that is. I have to make one more, then a hat and scarf set for a baby.


At 9:07 PM, Blogger Dacia said...

Thanks for the blog visit! Good luck with the cupcake stand for your daughter. Sounds like a cute idea! Beautiful scarf!


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